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Loft conversion is a popular choice of many families, so that they can avoid moving to a new property for the sake of some extra space. Some homes in London have a heritage value, and the best option for them will be the conversion of Loft. We can offer customers a free quote and some practical suggestions based on our experience. Maida Hill Building Services is a trusted source for your loft conversion.


Maida Hill Building Services is a medium sized, civil engineering and Construction Company. We are based in the city of London. We specialise in all types of buildings, such as residential, commercial and industrial. We can undertake a brand new construction on a Greenfield site or refurbish or renovate an exiting building. We also undertake various maintenance services of buildings. We have a team of   highly skilled professionals, and qualified tradesmen, who can deliver quality services in a timely manner.


Many homeowners would like to find more space, by undertaking a loft conversion, without disturbing the roof of the existing building, in order to avoid large capital investment. Loft conversion is the speciality of Maida Hill Building Services. Home improvement is becoming popular, as the space is a constraint and many companies specialises only on home improvements. They even offer DIY (do it yourself) kit to undertake such home improvement work. Perhaps one can do small improvements such as changing the interior such as painting the walls with different colours or changing the window curtains. But conversion of a loft to make some extra space is not ‘everybody’s cup of tea.’ It requires a careful study, planning and experience.


Changing a loft is a simple and the most popular home improvement method in London. People would like to add some extra space for living or for storage. Specialised contractors such as Maida Hill Building Services should do such a conversion. One should have sufficient headroom in the loft under the roof to enable such conversion. Normally a height of at least 2.5-2.7 meters will be required, between the joist and the apex of the roof. Such a space will allow installing a window, to get natural light apart from some extra space.



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