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Converting existing space in a home is the most popular way of adding usable living areas without extending. The most prevalent of these is the garage conversion. London is short on space and property is expensive, so not everyone can afford to move when their family grows.


Maida Hill Building Services perform many garage conversions in and around London every year. With high prices and lack of affordable lending, it’s often the only way growing families can get more space without moving.






























Loft and garage conversions are the number one way of adding living space to a home without the expense of an extension. As an added bonus, planning permission isn’t always required for garage conversions. London borough councils all have different requirements, and will need to be consulted first, just in case.


However, as a rule, as long as the conversion won’t alter the outside of the building too much, doesn’t enlarge the building, and the property has no planning restrictions on it, you should be fine. Always check first though to make sure!


Many homes in London have retained their 'permitted development rights', which is your right to make certain changes without having to seek permission. We can help find out if your home has these rights before we start work.


If your home has had these rights waived, we can also help secure planning permission to do the conversion.


An average garage conversion in London would add around 10% to the end value of the property. Considering the relatively modest expense of having the work done, this should be seen as an investment rather than a cost.


The lack of usable land and the property prices are what drives demand for garage conversions. London is a hotbed for those wanting to improve not move, and the conversion is the most popular option. Consider the expense of moving to a larger home and compare it to having a conversion and the case is clear.


If you’re looking for a quality garage conversion in London, Maida Hill Building Services will be happy to help. Give us a call, or contact us via the website and we will get right back to you.






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